Brian Nelson is a Washington, DC-based pianist and keyboardist with a career spanning a lifetime as a performer, studio musician, and instructor of music. Classically trained, Brian has shaped an eclectic musical palette encompassing jazz and contemporary music, with an emphasis on the piano as a solo instrument. Brian has also been an important exponent of the Hammond Organ in jazz and rock, along with other vintage keyboard instruments. With influences spanning a wide scope from early traditions to today’s complex harmonies, Brian strives to create something that very few people are doing in contemporary music.


Drawing on more than 30 years as a piano instructor and accomplished performer, Brian Nelson provides students with a fun and enriching musical experience. Using an imaginative, easy-to-follow approach offers an ideal option for first-time students and families seeking expert piano instruction in a relaxed setting.

Focus on learning what you want to learn and songs you want to play. Students can learn to play familiar songs from The Greatest Showman, Harry Potter, Frozen, and even Taylor Swift, in addition to well-known classics (yes, Bach and Beethoven, too). This helps you or your children learn faster, cultivate a deeper interest in music, and best of all, have fun with no more boring piano lessons.

  • Easy to schedule lessons
  • Stress free studio in quiet residential area
  • Convenient Columbia / Hickory Ridge location off Rt. 29
  • All ages, children to adults
  • All levels of experience
  • 1-on-1, focused instruction
  • Lessons taught by working jazz pianist

Registration is open for Fall 2019. Call 888-650-JAZZ (5299), or email Piano@BrianNelson.Net to get started. [Also, try the contact page]

Whatever your favorite style of music, become the pianist and musician you want to be. Brian Nelson offers instruction in jazz, classical, rock and soul, music theory and digital keyboard technology. You will also learn the fundamentals of technique, performance and music theory. Brian is an actively working jazz musician, studio musician, composer, arranger and accompanist who is passionate about performance, music education and passing on the craft.

If you’re looking to start/play in a band, I can help you get set up with portable, easy to carry keyboard systems to gig with. There’s a lot of gear out there, and there are specific instruments, amps and peripherals that can make your setup work for you, for either stage or studio.

The piano studio doubles as a digital recording studio, so in addition to learning current, state-of-the-art methods, you will learn how these technologies work together to connect keyboards with computers. These systems offer software-based instruments, historic and vintage keyboards, and digital ensembles which open up new worlds of music exploration.

Students will have low-pressure opportunities to perform in front of audiences through regular recitals, as well as going out into the community and performing at local schools, hospitals, and retirement homes. This offers students a chance to perform more often, and teaches preparation skills for stage or studio.