LEARNING TO PLAY PIANO can provide you or your child with a lifetime of enjoyment, challenge, and rich rewards. The key to success is a good teacher to lead and inspire you on your journey, especially when first starting out. A good piano teacher can help you to learn proper technique, keep you motivated, instill a love of repertoire, and inspire you to venture outside of your comfort zone to develop as a player.

A successful teaching system integrates diverse technologies into the daily practice of music, including learning by ear and reading music. A large selection of popular songs, ranging from classical to pop, contributes to more varied, unique lessons.

Research has demonstrated that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances other skills such as improved language development, increased IQ, improvement of spatial skills, and higher test scores. The intrinsic benefits of music education include discipline, learning a skill, preparing for performance, building self-esteem, establishing a strong work ethic and being part of something bigger than oneself.

Piano teaching methods have changed dramatically over the years. Piano and keyboard education has expanded from the eye-ear-key method to a holistic musical experience that encompasses the senses, surroundings, emotions, and thoughts of the student. Brian’s students are encouraged early on to make their own music, to develop their own voice through improvisation.

Whether you’re a beginner or on your way to becoming a professional, the right piano teacher can open the doors to direct you down the path of your own musical journey.

takes on a traditional approach in material, with an eye to progressive pedagogical methods. While spanning hundreds of years, the piano repertoire is presented as illustrating the thread through different genres and periods of music.

JAZZ PIANO is receiving more and more attention, and is now available in school settings as a regular chapter in general music studies. Jazz ensembles have become increasingly common in middle schools, and even have begun to appear in elementary schools. Most performing arts high schools offer speciality jazz courses that include improvisation, combo performance, and jazz studies.

The mission is to offer training that equips students with the flexible skills and experience required of a successful, well-rounded musician, and creative jazz artist.

A wide variety of performance opportunities and a comprehensive curriculum ground our students in the rich history, traditions, and culture of jazz while nurturing their exploration of new and contemporary styles in an environment that encourages a free-flowing exchange of ideas between the student, teacher, other musicians and the community.

The study of jazz music through improvisation lends a rich musical experience. All musicians can improvise. Improvisation is a skill that can be developed like any other musical style. Performance and recording has helped jazz become recognized as a legitimate art form and has strengthened its position in the global arts community.

MUSIC THEORY is the chemistry of music. No musician can truly understand their repertoire without a basic knowledge of music theory. Music theory is also known as keyboard harmony as it encompasses the following skills:

  • Understanding scales, modes, intervals, chords through ear training
  • Cadences and Progressions
  • Harmonization and Reharmonization
  • Modes and Modulation
  • Transposition

Pop/rock piano lessons teach you the skills necessary for surviving in the professional world of contemporary music. I am an experienced live performer and studio musician well versed in piano, Hammond Organ, Clavinet, synthesizers, samplers and master keyboard controllers, having worked extensively with bands, singer/songwriters, composers and producers. I can teach you the skills you need, whatever your musical circumstances, interests, and aspirations.

Keyboard instruments have grown proportionately along with digital technology. Today’s keyboards offer a vast array of sophisticated sounds through digital interfacing with computers providing an ever-expanding sound palette. I can help simplify the transitions between stand-alone keyboards and powerful computer systems that offer an elaborate canvas of sound orchestration.

Skype piano lessons are the ideal solution for students who have busy schedules, or travel frequently. I have developed an excellent method for teaching piano lessons via Skype, creating ideal ways  to make the most of the technology Skype has to offer.